Life Changes

 You’ve just had a kid, changed jobs, started house-hunting, had a sudden increase in income, combined finances…or had multiple of these big life changes at once at once. You want to focus on the future and gain control of your personal finances.

Your Challenges:

  • How much home can I afford to buy?
  • Can I afford kids or having more kids?
  • How should I combine finances with my spouse?
  • How should I invest these extra savings?
  • I need help managing my personal finances — where do I start?

Our services:

  • Help lay out your options and the pros/cons, and surface any potential blind spots
  • Model out the financial impact of different choices on your financial independence date
  • Share common mistakes to avoid, from our experience working with many other similar families

The 1%'s wealth strategies for your family

Make the most of your money

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