Family Matters

Feel confident you're taking care of your family. We can help you manage the complex and emotional set of issues the "sandwich generation" faces whether that's combining finances, raising young kids, caring for aging parents, or leaving a legacy.

Your Challenges:

  • How do I manage all my competing financial priorities — raising children, paying for college, helping aging parents — and my own retirement needs?
  • How much should I save for my child’s college? 
  • Can I quit work for a little to spend more time with my kids?
  • How do I make sure my family is taken care of if I die or become unable to work?

Our services:

  • Guided path on combining finances
  • Guided path on how to assist family without derailing your plan 
  • Savings plan for college 
  • Helping you model out the impact of various life choices on your path towards financial independence 
  • Objective insurance and estate planning advice
The 1%'s wealth strategies for your family

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