Investment Strategy

Making money is hard, and making the most of it is even harder. Build a thoughtful and coordinated investment strategy tailored to your life, simplify your complex finances, and get a second opinion on your existing investments.

Your Challenges:

  • How much should I invest vs. keep in cash?
  • What should I invest in?
  • When should I invest?
  • How can I optimize and simplify my existing investments?
  • How should I protect myself from inflation and rising interest rates?
  • How should I think about alternative investments (e.g., crypto)?

Our services:

  • Recommend how much to keep in cash vs. invest each year, and why.
  • Build you a tailored investment strategy and allocation across your “total portfolio” (personal investing accounts, retirement plans, 529 plans etc.) aligned to your specific goals, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance. 
  • Use a low-cost, tax-conscious, passive investment methodology to optimize after-fee and after-tax returns.
  • Determine how best to respond to market changes (e.g., inflation, rising interest rates).
  • Outsource executing your investment strategy

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