Our Mission

Helping first-gen high earners make the most of their money to take care of their families and live life on their own terms.

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An audacious, incredibly rewarding mission that our diverse team is dedicated to achieving.

Steward is built around the idea that everyone should be able to benefit from the investing and tax strategy playbook of America's most successful families.

Exciting challenges lie ahead - new families to serve, technologies, and businesses. Guided by our 6 core values, we'll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of the families we serve.  Join us!

Our 6 core values

1. Families serving families

We build strong relationships and serve as a life-long steward to Steward families. We eat our own cooking on investment and tax strategy advice. We fiercely protect the confidentiality of each family we serve.

2. Plain-English point of view

We lay out options, recommend a best path forward, and share a "why" behind each suggestion. We are thoughtful, honest, and clear in how we communicate. We find simplicity on the other side of complexity.

3. The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones

We break down big hairy problems into small doable action steps. We help families prioritize the "one best next thing" to tackle. We ensure the juice is worth the squeeze, because time is your scarcest asset.

4. Continuous improvement

We have outstanding technical mastery and executional excellence. That's because we learn rapidly, constantly, and eagerly. We seek out alternate perspectives to improve our own.  We admit mistakes openly and share learnings widely.

5. Remember the ratio

We remember that we have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth. We remember the ratio. We listen well and seek to understand before responding. We understand "the why" vs. just "the what" for each family we serve.

6. Pick up the paperclip

Great stewards pick up even a fallen paperclip in the hallway. We help out wherever and however we can. We sweat the details.

What makes working at Steward special?


Meaningful Work
+ Tangible Impact


Investment in Your
Growth and Development


Family-Focused Culture

Our open positions

Summer Intern to CEO

Full-time, 40 hours/week
June - August 2024 (~10 weeks, happy to discuss specific dates based on your school calendar)
$25/hour with performance bonus

Biz-Ops / Client Service Associate

Full-time, 40 hours/week
 As early as March 1, 2024
Hybrid (Remote, with quarterly in-person collaboration opportunities at our Washington, D.C. office)
Paid via competitive salary ($70,000) and incentive bonus, with access to health and retirement plan. Given our rapid expansion, this role offers significant growth potential, both in terms of responsibilities and compensation.