Our Team

Ami Shah
CEO| Certified Financial Planner® | Harvard Business School | Harvard College

My Story
I'm from Greenwich, Connecticut, attended Harvard for undergrad and business school, and grew up steeped in the world of finance. My father gifted me “Where Are the Customers Yachts?” before business school and urged me to do better for the world than he had done in a lifelong career at Goldman Sachs. After a decade as an ultra-high net worth wealth advisor and consultant, I started Steward because I saw two troubling trends: personal finance has been made unnecessarily complicated, even for very smart people, and too many families are stuck in a no man's land between doing it alone and the ultra-high net worth advisory available only to the 1%.

Why Steward
When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, those trends got personal. I saw my mother (a whip-smart physician) struggling with questions about money that kept her up at night: Am I investing the right way? Will I have enough? Am I missing tax strategies that I haven't even heard of? It turns out she was not alone.  So many “first-gen” high-earners, even those who are highly educated and working in finance, have the same questions. Worse, they feel ashamed to admit it.   

The good news is that there are time-tested, evidence-backed rules to navigate these questions, used by America's most financially successful families. I started Steward, to share these wealth strategies with America’s next generation of up-and-coming families in the way I wish I could have served my mom multiple decades ago when she still had the chance to massively move the needle. 

Making the most of money, so I can:
Teach my daughters to make the most of their money. My mother always says, "Values are caught, not taught."
Have the freedom to live life on my own terms. For me, that’s spending lots of time with my best friend (my husband!) and our two little girls, and avoiding the “cats in the cradle”-style outcome I was headed towards in the past!
Donate to mental health causes.

Eghosa Amadin
Chief of Staff

My Story
I’m Nigerian-American and the youngest of six kids, so family has always been important to me. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and went to Stanford for undergrad, where I majored in Computer Science and minored in Economics. After graduation, I joined Bain & Company and am currently on leave to complete a six-month externship here at Steward. I’ll be headed to Harvard in the fall to pursue my MBA and am hoping to learn more about the business landscape in Latin America and West Africa.

Why Steward
For my externship, I wanted to combine purpose, intellectual rigor, and a collaborative environment. I hope to become an entrepreneur one day, and working under a founder who truly believed in the mission of their company was my top priority. From my first conversation with Ami, I knew that I had found exactly that. The way each member of the team shows up every day to do their best to help families just like mine has been incredibly inspiring, and there hasn’t been a day I haven’t been challenged intellectually since joining the firm.

Making the most of my money, so I can:
Help support my parents, who sacrificed so much to get my siblings and me where we are today. 
Spend more time traveling (Brazil, Singapore, and South Africa are at the top of my bucket list), listening to podcasts, reading, watching telenovelas, and going to workout classes.

Calli Krivohlavek
Client Service Associate

My Story
I was born and raised in a small town just outside of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I chose to stay and raise my family. Upon graduating college with a B.S. degree in Accounting, I was immediately offered a full-time position, working for the same local government agency that I interned for during college. I worked full-time in various accounting roles there for an entire decade.

Why Steward
After having my son, I realized the value of time and efficiency and began searching for a new role that could combine my love of numbers with helping people. I connected with Ami and was inspired by her passion for financial planning and how she used her knowledge to help families. I learn more and more from her every day! I joined Team Steward full-time in April 2024 and find so much value in helping families consolidate their finances, make the most of their money, and make decisions that will help them reach their long-term financial goals and financial independence.

Making the most of my money, so I can:
Help support my family today and plan for a future free of debt and full of travel. 
My parents taught me the importance of working for what you have/want in life and being proud of that and I hope that’s something I’m able to teach my son as well.

Sahiti Kota
Summer Intern

My Story
I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and recently moved to New York City to attend New York University, where I am majoring in Finance and Computer Science. Before joining Steward, I worked in data analysis and cloud computing positions at a Northern Virginia IT consulting firm.

Why Steward
I was drawn to working at Steward because of the company’s mission of introducing more families to the wealth strategies of the 1%. As a child of immigrants, I have seen firsthand the difficulties my parents experienced navigating personal finance after arriving in America with just a few suitcases. Steward’s core focus on democratizing wealth management resonated with me, and I am proud to be working with a company dedicated to making a difference. It also doesn't hurt that I'm learning my way around personal finance as well!

Making the most of my money, so I can:
Graduate college debt-free. 
Take care of my family in the future. 
Never feel restricted by money so I can attend every concert, visit my friends across the world, and always pursue my dreams.