Meet our founder

Ami Shah
CEO| Certified Financial Planner® | Harvard Business School | Harvard College

I started Steward after working as a certified financial planner and wealth management consultant for the past decade, and seeing two troubling trends. First, personal finance has been made unnecessarily complicated even for very smart people. Second, too many families are stuck in a no man's land between going it alone and the ultra-high net worth advisory available only to the 1%.

Why Steward
The good news is that there is a clear, structured, evidence-based set of rules on how, where, and when to both save and invest in a tax-optimized way to achieve your goals.  These are the same rules for how to maximize their returns, cut out unnecessary expense, and save on taxes that wealth advisors use to serve ultra high net worth families and ultra-high net worth parents pass on to their kids. I hate that so far this guidance has only been available to the 1-percenters.

That's why I started Steward - to help more families make the most of their money to take care of their families.

We do this in three ways - serving a select group of families directly, serving a larger group of families with software, and doing pro-bono presentations one time each week for an ever wider set of families.

Making the most of money, so I can:
Teach my daughters to do the same. My mom always says, "values are caught, not taught."
Donate to youth mental health causes.
Play the harp.
Travel guilt-free.