Kid Cost Calculator

Curious to see how much a kid actually costs? Here is Steward's streamlined, simple Kid Cost Calculator to help you determine what level of expenses to expect. Start by following the prompts and inputting your childcare & education preferences. Hover over any of the options to see a mini-description and the average cost the calculator is using. The end result is an estimate of your monthly expenses for the next year and each year as your child grows up.

Note: You might be surprised at how low some of the monthly expenses are, especially in your kid's college years. The Steward software assumes you start saving for your child's education once their born, therefore alleviating costs once they reach college-age. To provide some perspective, all you need to save to send your kid to a private, ivy-expensive college is $1,250 / month from the day they're born—way less daunting than the $76K / year price tag you usually think of. That's the power of compounding interest!

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